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ˇúRiot Dance Party Videoˇú

"The First Spring Storm"

album"Go Against The System" promo clip (rough edit)

"Life or Death EP(promo clip-rough mix)"

"Live Ending(Check it out now) in Sydney"

Anti-war song"Check It Out Now"(Online-live in Gold Coast)

Listen to this song louder as you can."Check it out now" is anti-war song.
Greedy Politicians always start to war to get oil,the power and money.
Always innocent ordinary people are dead and injured, more than soldiers.
There's no justice in the battlefield. That's just merciless murder,rape and emptiness.
It sucks.We gonna kick stupid politician's ass and say "Hey, Mr. Dictator, suck my xxxx ! "

"Livin' on the edge(live)"

"Check it out now(live-ending)"

"Wake up ! -Independence Day-"

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