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[Japanese Version]


"Music breaks the wall of language,culture,nationality and race."
"Riot Dance Party's music and message beat up sons of bitches who took our freedom."

Riot Dance Party
2pieces band(vocal/bass/programming & drums) from Osaka, Japan."hybrid & rebel music", RDP sounds like rock meets reggae,funk,hiphop,drum 'n' bass & more(Asian traditional music, soca,samba etc). Compilation CD "Shin-new kin-shi"(including "spirit of dragon") was top3 of Tower Record(Japan) indies weekly chart. Played with a lot of overseas bands("World Indies Festival Super Live at EXPO","Australia Tour-Melborne,Sydney,Brisbane,Gold Coast, etc...)


Album"Go Against The System"
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including new songs and new mix.
2014 Feb.

EP"Life Or Death EP"
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including 4new songs and 1new remaster songs.
2012 May.

EP"Digital EP"
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This EP online sale only
including new songs and new remaster songs.
2010 Dec.

EP"Rebel EP"

1 Osaka is burning
2 Rebel
3 Take me higher('10)
4 Too young to die('10)
5 Funk rock riot(studio jam)

EP"Slave EP"

1 Slave
2 Non-Stop Pain
3 Livin' On The Edge('09)
4 What Do You Think?
5 Get Away('09)

Tr.1 is rock+hiphop+samba.
Tr.2 is bass and drums only- angry rock tune.
Tr.3 is song about teenager's problem, re-recording.
Tr.4 is rock+rap=>drum 'n bass.
Tr.5 is dance rock,re-recording.

EP"Dragon EP"
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1 Spirit Of Dragon(2008 version)
2 Day In Day Out
3 Message Song
4 Stand Up,Brother!('08)
5 Garage Rock Jam

Tr.1 is China-loop tune(originaly '98).
Tr.2 is rock+reggae+Danjiri tune.
Tr.3 is rap+rock anti-war song.
Tr.4 is re-recording rock tune.
Tr.5 is from studio session.

EP"Wa Wa Wa EP"

1 Wa Wa Wa
2 No more Venus
3 Satan(Studio Jam '07 Apr.)
4 Spirit Of Dragon(2005 version)
5 Club Earth

Tr.1 is samba meets rock.
Tr.2 is straight Rock tune.
Tr.3 is studio session.
Tr.4 is China taste.
Tr.5 is soca meets rock.

EP"One Nation EP"
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1 One Nation
2 Get Away
3 Get Out(Motherfxxxer Sucker)
4 Gimme Some More
5 Na Na(Rebel Song)

Tr.1 is Reggae tune.
Tr.2 is Rap Dance Rock tune.
Tr.3 is Hard-core punk tune.
Tr.4 is Dance hall reggae meets rock.
Tr.5 is Funk rock tune.

single"Take Me Higher"

1 Take Me Higher
2 Set Me Free Spiritually
3 Anything Is Possible
2007.12/16 release

Tr.1 is funky rap tune.
Tr.2 is hiphop meets rock track.
Tr.3 is dance rebel rock tune.
"Recorded in 2005."

maxi single「Wake Up!〜Independece Day〜」
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1 Wake Up!〜Independece Day〜
2 Everybody Loves Sunshine
3 What You Gonna Do
2006.12/2 release

Tr.1 is Mosh&Dive,fast rock tune.
Tr.2 is positive&peaceful reggae tune.
Tr.3 is funk-rock tune.
"That's alternative-mixture sound."

maxi single「Life Is Beautiful」

1 Life Is Beautiful(Live)
2 Stand Up,Brother! (Live)
3 Check It Out Now

Tr1 is hiphop/rock tune with chime loop.
Tr2 is straight rock'n roll tune for working people.
Tr3 is anti-war song(hard-core punk tune).
"You gotta check it out,if you like mixture
rock,rage against the machine & Public Enemy.
This is Japanese rebel music !"

maxi single「Club Earth」

1 Club Earth
2  Spirit Of Dragon(2005 Version)
3Livin' On The Edge 

Tr1 is soca/rock tune.
Tr2 is hiphop/rock tune with China loop.
Tr3 is rap/rock song about problems of teenagers.
"That's one&only-Japanese dance rock band !"

Compilation「Square vol.1」

Including "Livin' On The Edge"

Compilation CD 「進入禁止」
Including "Spirit Of Dragon"


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