[Japanese Version]

ˇúLiner Notesˇú

album"Go Against The System"

"Life Or Death EP"

Osaka Is Burning

Rock+Drum 'n bass. Song about Osaka has got many problems
(ghetto,racism,enviroment,politics) .
But nobody try to improve them. Mean capitalism going on,
there's no moral,humanity and remorse.


Rock+afrofunk. Changed the song"Na na" to new song.
Rise up and rebel if the power holding you down.
Freedom,it's not like air. You have to take it. Don't obey.

Too young to die

Rock+Danjiri(Japanese traditional music)+hiphop.
Originally made in 2002. It's sad to die young,
people were killed by muderers and gangsters.

Funk rock riot

Jam session at rehearsal studio without editting. Funk rock track.


Rock + hiphop + samba + reggae tune. Many people trust government,TV ad.,
rumor and trend. Companies,government and media brainwash the people
(but the people don't realize). So many Japanese have lost control
and lost the most important thing in their life.

Non-Stop Pain

Raw bass and drums sound only. Anger rock song about The Train company
don't take the responsibility and don't care about the customers,
even if train crash happened and more than 100 people died.
The number of suicide is more than 30,000 in a year in Japan.
Anger and sadness don't stop...

Livin' On The Edge

RDP's early-time song (it has been arranged a few times). Rebel rock tune.
Song about teenager's problems(bully, domestic violence,education,
crime, frastration). Adult does wrong, so it makes kids go wrong.

What Do You Think ?

Rock to Drum 'n Bass tune. Greedy people are selfish & self-centered,
and do anything by any means necessary to make a profit. So many people become victimes.
Tragic history repeating... Think about the past, and think about the better future.

Get Away

Originaly studio jam, it's re-arranged. raw bass and drums sounds only. Dance rock tune.
I felt lonely after a woman left me alone. I was frastrated when I was working -that job
I didn't want to, but I had to work to make a livin' . I'm depressed to live in
this sad sad world (poverty, war don't stop). This song for getting away from here.

Spirit Of Dragon

I wrote this song before RDP started. It's been arranged a few times.
Hiphop(china piano loop)+Rock.Respect song for Bruce Lee & Jackie Chain.
They gave us courage & bravery.

Day In Day Out

Danjiri(Japanese traditional festival music,especially in Osaka)
+ rock + reggae + hiphop. Communicating with people is getting complicated.
Japan is richer than other countries, but the people hate each other
and no respect.Father, mother, brother and sister killing each other...
a lot of crazy cases going on... Negative viberation in this society
try to take me back to the worst world.

Message Song

RDP's early-time song. Anti-war rap-rock tune. Dictators and war-starters
are rarely arrested and procecuted. They don't go to the court
if they're arrested because they getting older and sick.
Always the people suffer during the war. they are arrested,
tortured and lose a part of their body by landmines. The rich getting richer,
the poor getting poorer in the war. War sucks.

Stand Up, Brother !

I wrote this song before RDP started. raw bass and drums
sounds only. Anger rock tune. Song for workers. workers VS companies.
Many workers are treated like machines by companies, but we're human.
The people has to stand up for our right.

Garage Rock Jam

Inst. garage rock tune from studio jam.

Wa Wa Wa

Positive samba+rock tune. When I stayed in England, I met a lot of foreigners
and became friends. We have different culture and language, but we can be friends.

No More Venus

raw bass and drums only, 8beat rock tune. Rarely met a girl who are
considerate. There is no girl like venus and angel.


Jam session at rehearsal studio. No edit. crazy rock tune.

Club Earth

Soca+rock tune. Inspired by Notting Hill Carnival in London(especially soca).
Anywhere can be dance floor,if you have music(rhythm). The Earth can be club.
No matter which race,nationality,language,culture you have, under music.

One Nation

Reggae tune. I don't want to hate anybody and see angry face. I don't like somebody
put me on blast,even if he(she) doesn't know me well. I hope we will understand each other...
That's the message from this song.

Get Out

raw bass and drums only, hardcore punk tune. Song about a really irritating
bastard. Get out !

Gimme Some More

Rock+dancehall reggae+drum 'n' bass. Song about people getting shameless,
greedy, envious and selfish nowadays even if they livin' in rich country.

Na Na(Rebel Song)

raw bass and drums only, a little bit deep-south funk rock tune.
Song for people stand up for their rights and freedom, against the power.
Freedom doesn't exist like air. You have to get it on your own.
Stand up by yourself, don't obey !

Take Me Higher

Funky rock tune. Song about music I thank.

Set Me Free Spiritually

Rock+hiphop tune. Song about how hard to live in the city,
the system & communication with people are getting complicated.

Anyting Is Possible

Slide bar blues to funk rock. Positive message "Anyting Is Possible",
if you don't throw away hope and strong will.
Poetry reading(intro and outro) about what happened and what'going on in Japan.

Wake UP ! -Independence Day-

based on studio jam session. Smashing rock tune. About parasite single
(people who can't live on thier own, stay with parents,
don't pay any bills...). This song kick their ass. If they live
on thier own, they'll see a lot of answers to live.

Everybody Loves Sunshine

roots reggae tune, with a little bit rock taste. Don't give up hope,
the sun rises everyday and will shine.

What you gonna do

funk rock tune, Song about selfcentered&
selifish woman who didn't apologize even if she lost my precious thing.

Life is beautiful

rock+hiphop tune. Song about a student who suffer from bully.
violence&ignorance. (other students and teachers)nobody helps him.

Check it out now

anti-war punk rock tune. Politicians, army and companies
(who got power and money) always start to war.
The victims are always innocent civilians.
We don't want your fxxkin' bombs !

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