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War sucks !

Children who lost their parents by Tsunami


Don't believe the hype

Fuck nuclear power station

US President got Nobel Peace Prize, even now he's sent soldiers to Afghanistan
and war still goin on. Military power doesn't give us peace. War is just murder.
Politicians who started war and supported war haven't taken resposibility yet
and livin in luxury, even now people in warzone getting poorer...
Dont' trust politicians. They usually lie.
Don't forget your government use tax you paid for war and murder...

2007/Oct. Power of equality
The greedy rich gettin' richer, the generous poor gettin' poorer.
Pure children are dying, evil politicians are alive.
Tragedy goes on. Where is our hero ?
Please stop this tragedy, hero.
Hero could be you.

2006 10/21 Change
Some people say "People don't change".
But I say "People can change".
The world will change if people change.
"People don't change" or "People can change".
It depends on you.

2006 10/7 Respect each other
Don't hate the people.Hate the government,politicians & Army.
We have to respect each other.
Some people say "yes" to the war.
They stay at safe place,don't know what's really going on battle field
and don't know pain of the people.
If they go to the battlefield,see people killing,dying
and somebody try to kill them,
they'll change their mind.
War is murder,war is nothing.
Hey,Mr.President(or Prime Minister,General),
If you wanna start war to get the land,oil,money and power,
go to the battlefield alone.You gonna see "hell".
I say "No" to the war.

2006 2/11 Sunny Day
A lot of coudy days and rainy days in our life.
But,after that,beautiful sunny days are coming definitely.
We live for it,I know that 
after I had lots of experience.
I met terrible people.Otherwise I met kind people.
There is no endless rain.
Hold on tight and walk on in pouring rain,
Sunny day is waiting for you.
See a lot of beautiful sky if possible
 Don't give up,keep on moving.

2005 11/5 Just Do It
Nobody knows when you die.
Your life is once.
So do what you want & do your best.
It doesn't matter how old you are &
what people around you say
Have a dream & walk on !
That's important.

2005 8/15 Stop The War

It's been 60 years since World War II ended.
I've been to Hiroshima where atomic bomb was dropped.
I saw terrible war documentary programmes and films
and heard the sad stories from the survivors of World War II.

A lot of ordinary people(not soldiers,not politicians)
died in Japan,Asia and other countries.
The survivors have unforgettable deep scars
in their mind
Politicians always make war happen
and let soldiers go to killing floor.
there is tons of dead bodies of civilians like us.
Politicians never go to the killing floor.
They don't know who is bleeding.

War and terrorism eveywhere in the world right now,
History repeating...
I hope war will be over.
What can we do?

First of all,we gotta know
what really happend,what really going on.
Second,Think what we should do and we need.
War is merciless and absolutely nothing.

I might not be able to stop war,
but I can sing anti-war songs with peace message.

We can stop war and don't give up.


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